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October 19th, 2012
09:20 AM ET

Hollywood star Vivica A. Fox gets personal about life, career and new Lifetime hosting gig on "Prank My Mom"

Hollywood film star and sultry sex symbol Vivica A. Fox is taking a break from the big screen to host on the small screen. Fox is the host of a brand new Lifetime reality series called “Prank My Mom”, where sneaky children pull practical jokes on their unassuming mothers. Fox spoke to Zoraida Sambolin about the show, her life’s regrets and plans for the future.

“Hosting has been something that is kind of fallen into my lap,” Fox said. She wasn’t happy with Hollywood a few years ago, she says. “Hollywood, at the time, was just throwing me roles that I just didn’t care for. I think that sometimes, that they have a problem with women especially when they turn 40.” Fox says she’s sacrificed a lot in her life and career. “I would liked to have had a family. I would love to have children.” Still, she says she is happy, and there is more she’d like to do. “I would like to direct in the future, to be totally behind the scenes.”