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November 4th, 2013
05:36 AM ET

LAX Shooting: Woman Reveals New Details About Suspect

Days before Paul Ciancia's murderous rampage at LAX, one woman who knows the alleged gunman and his three roommates says Ciancia was already plotting his crime.

CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.

Woman: He asked one of the roommates if you could have a ride to the airport.
Miguel: Why did he need a ride?
Woman: He said he was going back home. He said his dad was sick and he had to go help take care of him.
MM: Did anyone see a ticket?
Woman: No. He also didn't tell him what day he needed to leave.

She says Ciancia rarely left his San Fernando Valley apartment since moving there in January. Describing him as socially awkward and a heavy smoker, he always paid his rent on time and appeared to make money trading online. The day he put his alleged plan into action, she says, took his roommate by surprise.

Ciancia's roommates believe he texted family members in New Jersey, telling them he was going to commit suicide.  That prompted frantic calls between police in NJ and LA.  Police came to Ciancia's home.

She says the two other roommates were woken up and handcuffed as police searched the premises. Paul already gone and no sign of a gun.

Woman: At this moment as they are seeing this on the TV, their third roommate comes back and he said "Oh I just dropped off Paul at LAX, he had to go home."

And they just knew and said "I think you just dropped off Paul to a shooting."

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October 19th, 2012
08:19 AM ET

CNN’s Miguel Marques talks to female farmers in Wisconsin about what issues are important to them in the 2012 race

The race is slowly coming to a close with just 17 days before Election Day and the candidates are working their last legs to win critical votes in battleground states. According to polls, the election could very well be decided down the farm. CNN’s Miguel Marques heads to Dairy Country to what may be statistically be biggest swing state in the country: Wisconsin. He talks to female farmers and other locals in rural Racine County to gauge who they're voting for and what issues are important to them.