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October 4th, 2012
09:14 AM ET

CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen delivers post-debate healthcare fact-check

 The first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney wrapped up in Denver last night. The Two argued over each of their views on domestic issues, with Romney on the offensive and the president struggling to defend his policies. Healthcare, one of the key issues of the election was a center stage topic last night. CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen joins John Berman with a fact-check on each of their statements on the issue.

October 4th, 2012
09:11 AM ET

CNN’s Dana Bash breaks down last night's presidential debate

The first presidential debate of the 2012 is officially in the books. President Obama and Mitt Romney faced each other on domestic issues that often painted Obama in lackluster light and the GOP nominee as the shining star. Romney targeted the president on taxes, jobs and healthcare and put him on the defensive for many of his policies. It worked. A CNN/ORC poll says Romney won the showdown with 67% calling him the victor and only 25% hailing the president. CNN’s Dana Bash breaks it down this morning on “Early Start”.

Bash says it straight and simply. “So much to talk about,” Bash says “but it all comes out to a rusty President Obama, and a very well rehearsed Mitt Romney.” She breaks down their performance throughout the 90 minute faceoff. "It's not that he didn't try to rip apart Romney's economic plan," she says. "Romney was determined to go toe to toe. "That kind of top down economics where folks at the top are doing well so the average person making 3 million bucks is getting a $250,000 tax break while middle class families are burdened further," Obama said. Romney fired back, "Virtually everything he said about my tax plan is inaccurate." Emerging as the clear winner, Romney was ahead with lines like this one, "Mr. President, you're entitled as the President to your own airplane and to your own house, but not to your own facts." John Berman delivers his own thorough fact check. Watch the video for details.

October 2nd, 2012
08:50 AM ET

CNN's Dana Bash explains the "October Surprise"

President Obama and Mitt Romney take the stage in Denver tomorrow to face each other in the first presidential debate of 2012. There is a lot riding on this debate, even though the candidates constantly keep playing it down. One awkward moment or gesture could make or break it for them in November in what is called an “October Surprise.” CNN’s Dana Bash explains.