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October 19th, 2012
08:33 AM ET

Democratic Analyst Richard Socarides & Editor-in-Chief of RedState.Com Erick Erickson on the candidates playing comedians at Alfred E. Smith Charity Dinner

Just for one night, President Obama and Mitt Romney celebrated their differences with humor instead of contempt. The candidates were all smiles at the Alfred E. Smith Charity Dinner in New York last night, aiming only to win applause and laughter and not a key demographic. Democratic Analyst and Fmr. Senior Adviser to President Clinton Richard Socarides and Editor-in-Chief of RedState.Com Erick Erickson joins Zoraida Sambolin on “Early Start” this morning with their take on the light and civil exchange.

Socarides says “it’s fair to say that they are putting that on.” “This is deadly serious moment in this campaign, and while they can be funny because it makes them look good,” Socarides says, “they’re not that happy with each other right now.”

Erickson says the event is still worth it. “I think people like to see that the politicians do get out during the day,” and then “go do a worthwhile cause at night and poke fun not just at each other, but they also poke fun at themselves.”