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October 5th, 2012
09:47 AM ET

CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen on meningitis fears in 23 states

Fears of the meningitis outbreak that killed at least five people continues to spread with 35 people now infected in six states. CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen has the details.

The FDA is telling doctors not to use any products from the New England Compounding Center, Cohen reports. “This is a company that puts different drugs together,” she says. “One of these drugs is associated with the illnesses and deaths” from fungal meningitis contracted from a steroid injected into their backs to treat back pain. Cohen mentions that the FDA’s inspection of the facility uncovered “fungus in a vial that you could see with the naked eye,” she says. “That’s why they’re saying don’t use anything from this place.”

Cohen says “more infections are possible” as the medication in question was sent to 75 facilities in 23 states. Cohen mentions, however, that many worry that meningitis is contagious. “That is not the case here. You only need to worry if you got a steroid injection with this drug.”