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May 17th, 2013
09:30 AM ET

National Weather Service says at least 16 tornadoes touched down in Texas – Victor Blackwell reports

People in the neighborhoods hardest hit by tornadoes in Texas are not being allowed back to survey the damage this morning. Resident Ronna Cotten said she was told that she can't re-enter her subdivision to "check to see if we have any belongings left" for at least two days, maybe as many as seven.

The National Weather Service says at least 16 tornadoes touched down and those who have seen the scope of the damage firsthand say it is surreal and extensive. This morning Victor Blackwell has the latest on the aftermath and the missing from Granbury, Texas.

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May 16th, 2013
09:56 AM ET

At Least 10 Tornadoes touch down in Texas: CNN's Victor Blackwell Reports

Wednesday evening at least 10 tornadoes touched down in North Texas.  Six people are reported dead, and dozens more are injured.  It is estimated that about 120 homes were damaged.

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January 31st, 2013
05:51 AM ET

Extreme weather moves further East, wreaking havoc on South – Miguel Marquez reports


(CNN) - Powerful winds and a tornado spawned by a 1,000-mile-long storm system pounded communities in northwest Georgia on Wednesday, overturning dozens of vehicles and trapping residents.

The tornado caused significant damage in Adairsville, Georgia.

One person died in that town and another died in Tennessee, authorities reported. At least 17 people were injured in Georgia, two critically.

The Adairsville death marks the first person killed by a U.S. tornado in 220 days, a record for most consecutive days without such a fatality, said CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen.

This morning on "Early Start," Miguel Marquez reports on the damage from these severe storms.

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December 26th, 2012
07:15 AM ET

Tornado rips through Mobile, Alabama; Mobile Fire-Rescue Dept's PIO Steve Huffman: 'everybody was prepared'

An unwelcome visitor tore through Alabama this Christmas when a dangerous tornado hit downtown Mobile. It knocked out power for nearly 26,000 people as well as the local hospital. Several buildings, including a high school and almost two dozen homes, and a local church were also damaged by the tornado. The church is still standing, but Steve Huffman, the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department's Public Information Officer, joins “Early Start” over the phone with the latest on the reports of damage.

Huffman says public works crews and Alabama power crews have been working through the night to repair the damage and restore power, respectively, in the affected areas. Residents, meanwhile, were told to expect severe weather, including tornadoes, and were unharmed. “I think everybody was prepared for that,” Huffman says.

Just last week, a tornado came through the same area. “We rarely have tornadoes in the city itself, and to have two within a five day period is pretty unusual,” he adds. Huffman says temperatures have since cooled down and the wind is blowing hard outside, “but we can live with that.”

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December 11th, 2012
07:30 AM ET

Roof collapse caught on tape when Birmingham, Alabama neighborhood is hit by possible tornado; Photojournalist Scott MacDowell and reporter Kaitlin McCulley share the story

A severe storm suddenly hit Birmingham, Alabama early Monday morning. Residents believe it was a tornado.

Homeowner Clint Thornton was being interviewed on his front porch by CNN affiliate WIAT when the ceiling of his home suddenly caved in. Photojournalist Scott MacDowell was taping the interview when the sudden tornado and heavy rain collapsed the roof. Reporter Kaitlin McCulley was also on the porch when it happened. While no one was injured, it was all caught on video. The WIAT news team that captured this extraordinary moment joins “Early Start” live from Birmingham this morning.

“You don’t see that type of that thing happen in an interview,” MacDowell says. “There was a lot of praying to God immediately after that.” Hitting a community that is used to keeping weather radios on and usually on guard for extreme weather, the sudden tornado shook everyone involved.  “It just took everyone by surprise,” McCulley says.

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