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January 25th, 2013
07:17 AM ET

MYB: Stocks on the move; Apple down but Netflix up

Christine Romans has the latest on world markets and U.S. stock futures. “Two big price moves yesterday,” Romans says. Apple stock is down 12%. “And the big surprise, Netflix up 42%.” She also reports the latest details on safety concerns with Boeing's Dreamliner since a fire broke out on a Dreamliner plane in Boston.

January 24th, 2013
06:52 AM ET

MYB: Apple posts record profit, but stock tumbles

Christine Romans looks at why Apple shares are down 8% in the pre-market, despite Apple making $13 billion in quarterly profits, "the second biggest profit in American history."

January 18th, 2013
07:12 AM ET

MYB: Intel profit falls sharply

Christine Romans is minding your business with the latest on world markets and U.S. stock futures. “Intel, after the bell, had disappointing earnings report,” Romans says. “Its profit fell sharply.” It could direct trade in the morning.

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January 17th, 2013
06:28 AM ET

MYB: Boeing’s Dreamliner nightmare continues

Christine Romans look at how grounding Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes could affect the company's bottom line and drag down the markets.

January 11th, 2013
06:15 AM ET

MYB: Big corporate layoffs looming

Christine Romans is minding your business this morning with the latest in world markets and U.S. stock futures, which hit a milestone yesterday. “A five-year high for the S & P 500,” Romans says, and “the highest close since December of 2007.”

She also reports big corporate layoffs looming ahead, and another down day for gun stocks.

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January 10th, 2013
06:26 AM ET

MYB: Gun retailers stock decline

Christine Romans is minding your business this morning with the latest in U.S. stock futures and world markets. U.S. stock futures are trading higher after some positive economic news out of China overnight.

And the run on guns fizzled out a bit yesterday. Gun retailers stock declined after a gun violence task force meeting with Vice President Joe Biden, she reports. There were also a record number of background checks for gun sales in December.

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January 9th, 2013
06:16 AM ET

MYB: AIG may join lawsuit vs. U.S. govt.

Christine Romans is minding your business this morning with the latest on world markets and U.S. stock futures, which are flat ahead of the opening bell after markets closed lower yesterday. And outrage this morning over a lawsuit brought by the former CEO of a company American taxpayers had to save from the “verge of taking down the global economy with it because of stupid, stupid derivatives bets they made.” Romans says, “Today, AIG, the board will consider whether to join a lawsuit to sue the government for being bailed out.”

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January 7th, 2013
06:57 AM ET

MYB: Stocks in first five days of 2013; all of them higher

Christine Romans is minding your business with the latest on U.S. futures and world markets this morning. Romans reports good news for the banking sector with international banking regulations pushed off four more years. Bank stocks around the world are rallying.

She also looks at an outlook for stocks that is essentially an automatic warning system for the rest of the year. “According to Stock Trader's Almanac, if you look back in history, when stocks are up the first five days of the year, almost always it portends an increase for the rest year,” Romans reports. And the first five days of the year were really good for U.S. stocks.

December 19th, 2012
06:20 AM ET

MYB: Stocks up, but shares for gunmakers tumble

U.S. stock futures are pointing to a higher open for markets. Christine Romans is minding your business this morning with more on that and stocks yesterday. “It was a good day for your investments yesterday,” Romans says, “as long as you weren’t invested in gun companies.”

The Dow, Nasdaq and S&P were all up yesterday. If the Dow continues like this, up more than 9% so far this year, “it would be the tenth best year since 1950," Romans says, "on track for one of the best years ever.”  

Shares for gunmakers tumble, meanwhile. “Publicly traded companies hammered for three days in a row now” include Smith & Wesson Holding Corp, down 19%, and Sturm Ruger & Company Inc, down 15%.

October 8th, 2012
10:31 AM ET

MYB: Experts say stock rally is over, and report questions Chinese telecom practices

Christine Romans looks at some expert claims that the stock market rally may be over, and explains an upcoming congressional report criticizing the business practices of Chinese telecommunications companies.

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