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October 12th, 2012
07:42 AM ET

VIDEO: Shuttle Endeavour takes its final 'road trip' through Los Angeles – John Zarrella reports

(CNN) - The space shuttle Endeavour is being moved to the California Science Center Friday, its final resting place.

The move, which started early Friday, from the Los Angeles International Airport will take about two days, as it negotiates 12 miles of Southern California's infamous roads and highways, NASA officials say.

Once at the Los Angeles science museum, the shuttle, which had its first launch in 1992, will be on display for posterity.

Endeavour, along with Discovery, Enterprise and Atlantis, became a museum piece after NASA ended its 30-year shuttle program in July 2011. All four shuttles have been permanently retired from service.

This morning on "Early Start," John Zarrella reports on shuttle Endeavour's last 'road trip' through Los Angeles to its new home at California Science Center.

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June 6th, 2012
08:26 AM ET

'Science Guy' Bill Nye explains it all: Venus transiting the sun, Shuttle Enterprise makes its final journey and stopping summer brain drain

Last night, as the sun set on the East Coast, the planet Venus began its "transit." In this rare event, the planet Venus passes between the sun and the Earth. If you missed it, you'll have to wait until 2117 to see it again.

One other worldly event you can catch today: Shuttle Enterprise is making its final journey towards New York City's Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. CNN will have live coverage of this event all through the morning.

This is just one way the worlds of science and space are becoming relevant to kids, who Bill Nye "The Science Guy" claims could use more science education. He's teaming up with Sophia.org to help stem kids 'summer brain drain,' claiming that students can lose up to 40% of what they learn during the school year in lose lazy days.

This morning on "Early Start," Bill Nye talks about these space stories in the news, and explains why it's so important to keep a child's education going through the summer months.

For more information on the education site Nye is partnering with, visit Sophia.org.

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