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December 10th, 2012
06:03 AM ET

Seal Team Six member killed during hostage rescue mission; Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr reports

An American doctor abducted in Afghanistan was rescued Sunday by an elite team of U.S. special forces. The U.S. Special Ops team rescued the doctor, but lost one of their own. Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr is following the latest developments on “Early Start” this morning.

The Special Ops team freed Dr. Dilip Joseph, who was working in a nonprofit medical agency in Afghanistan, from his Taliban captors. The Navy Seal who died in the attempt “was a member of Seal Team Six, actually known inside the military as the Special Warfare Development Group, the same elite team that went on Osama bin Laden raid,” Starr reports. "We don’t know yet if this fallen Seal was part of the bin Laden mission.”

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