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August 15th, 2013
12:13 PM ET

Prince William Talks Fatherhood at Fair in Wales

It was a day out yesterday for the second-in-line to the British throne, Prince William.

He was off diaper-duty and visiting a country fair on a royal engagement in Anglesey, Wales. But it was clear baby George was on the new father’s mind.

“While Catherine, the Dutchess of Cambridge, stayed at home, William joked about being a father,” CNN’s Erin McLaughlin reports.

"She and George would have loved to have been here,” William said, amidst cows, sheep and horses. “He's pretty loud and, of course, extremely good looking"

The agricultural event was Prince William's first official royal engagement since his son was born, “and one of his last as a resident of Anglesey, the remote island in Wales that both he and Catherine have called home for more than two and a half years,” McLaughlin reports.

In September, William completes his tour of duty as an Royal Air Force search and rescue pilot and he will be leaving the island that has been so good to the Cambridges.

“This island has been our first home together and it will always be an immensely special place for us both,” William said. “Catherine and I look forward to returning again and again over the coming years with our family.”

 “The Duke and Duchess were able to live here in relative privacy, and it was here where William and Kate appeared for their first royal engagement, launching a lifeboat just before their wedding,” McLaughlin reports.

“This visit is a kind of thank you to the Anglesey community for all of their support, the Prince's first official and highly publicized royal debut as the father of a future king.”

July 24th, 2013
06:12 AM ET

The "Modern" Royal Family

The world has been enthralled this week by the sensation across the pond over the birth of the royal baby. The ceremony and the pomp and circumstance announcing the birth can be traced to centuries past, but some also to the customs of current day. 

A scene that’s very traditional but also a little bit modern, critics say the birth of the royal baby might be a sign of things to come.

“The world celebrates the new prince, the future king, the possible 1st British Monarch of the 22nd Century,’ CNN’s John Berman says.

The parents William and Kate have been hailed as young, fresh, modern.

In that style, a break from tradition; they sent word of the birth in an email.

“William and Kate are expected to be more hands on parents than past royals,” Berman says. “Instead of a nanny, they have reportedly hired a housekeeper to help around the palace. So no Mary Poppins unfortunately.”

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July 23rd, 2013
06:00 AM ET

The Public Celebrates England’s Newest Royal

It’s official. England has a new heir and it’s a boy!

Announced the traditional way, on an easel outside Buckingham Palace, and spread over the world's airwaves, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine, now have a son.

The baby boy was born at 4:24 p.m., weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces. But his name has yet to be revealed. The world awaits that revelation and the moment when the royal couple steps out of St. Mary’s Hospital with their little prince.

“There might be a moment before that when William comes out to speak to us,” CNN’s Max Foster says from outside the hospital. “That's unconfirmed so far. There is a plan in place if he decides to do that.”

Foster says the family will likely come out after the standard checkups and the mother and baby are discharged as well as when they are ready to go and face the cameras.

In fact, there was a four-hour delay between the birth and the announcement, which is longer than the media was expecting, Foster says.

“That was essentially bonding time with just the three of them spending time together, getting to know each other.”

The public is also anxious to get to know the newest royal and have been celebrating his birth ever since the announcement was made.

“There's a small crowd right now outside Buckingham Palace. They’re here to see that royal baby notice still posted on the easels in the gates of the palace forecourts,” CNN’s Erin McLaughlin reports.

“There was a party here last night. People were dancing. They were singing. They were toasting the future king.’

Follow along at CNN.com for complete coverage on the royal baby.

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July 22nd, 2013
05:43 AM ET

Royal Baby Watch: Duchess of Cambridge Kate Now in Labor

The royal baby watch is nearly over.

After weeks of waiting, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, is now in early labor.

Kate and Prince William arrived at Saint Mary's Hospital at about 6am in the U.K.

“The labor is progressing normally,” CNN’s Max Foster reports live from London.
“She’s inside [with] her full medical team, her own medical obstetricians–two of them–plus the hospital staff,” Foster says. “She could not be in better hands.”

CNN Royal Commentator Katie Nicholl has covered the royal family for more than a decade. She explains what the birth of this baby—third in line to the throne, means for the royal family.

“It will be historic child whether it's a boy or girl,” Nicholl says. “I think lot of people are hoping it will be a girl because of historical implementations that that will have.”

Standing outside of Buckingham Palace, Nicholl says, “Behind me, at the gate, is where the easel will be posted, at some point later on today when the royal baby arrives, announcing the weight, the sex, possibly name, and it will be here in keeping with royal protocol and historic tradition that everyone will find out first about the birth.”

But this is only after the Queen finds out.

“Prince William is under strict instructions to telephone the queen as soon as the birth has happened,” Nicholl says. “He will make that call on an especially encrypted phone. Royal protocol dictates that the Queen must be the first to be told before anyone else about the future heir.”

Tune in to CNN or follow along at CNN.com for developments.

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July 16th, 2013
06:00 AM ET

Awaiting Kate and the newest Prince or Princess – Max Foster

Londoners and royal enthusiasts continue to anticipate the birth of England’s newest prince or princess–who is now overdue!

Max Foster is outside Saint Mary's Hospital with the confirmation that last Saturday was the due date. “We are in overdue territory,” Foster reports. “No wonder the family is on tender hooks.”

Prince Charles’ wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, yesterday was caught on microphone saying the family is all waiting for word by the telephone.

“I think by the end of the week, he or she will be there,” she said.

Visit CNN.com for complete coverage on the royal baby.

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