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February 4th, 2013
09:44 AM ET

Friend: Sniper Kyle was 'a guardian of Marines,' worked to help veterans with PTSD

On "Early Start" this morning, Pat Kilbane, co-writer & producer of SOFREP.com's "Inside The Team Room," on the legacy of sniper Chris Kyle, who was one of two men shot dead at a Texas gun range, allegedly at the hands of a fellow military veteran.

"When he was in Iraq, a lot of the work he did was called overwatch," Kilbane says. "As a sniper, he had the high ground, and he had a whole view of the battlefield so he could protect the Marines, who were moving below. I feel like a guardian is a good way to describe Chris. He was a guardian of the Marines, when he was deployed. And when he came home, he remained a guardian. He was very concerned about the way that veterans and service members were portrayed in the media. He felt like they need a fair shake."

"When we put people in a situation where they have to see and experience really horrible things, it's very difficult to know what part that had in their behavior. And I think too that Chris encouraged that we recognize the depth of sacrifice that going into combat represents, and that we have - that we give help at the other end of the agreement when they get out of the service that is commensurate with the depth of that sacrifice," he adds.

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