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June 21st, 2013
05:59 AM ET

Wall Street selloff; Dow falls 353 points – Christine Romans reports

It looks dismal on Wall Street this morning after the Dow faced its worst single day this year, plunging 353 points. And there's growing worry the bull market may be turning.

Christine Romans is covering the story.

“No sector was immune to the selling—banks battered, manufacturers mauled, homebuilders hosed,” Romans reports. "The pros on Wall Street say this was bound to happen, after months of gains and record highs.”

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March 29th, 2013
06:53 AM ET

MYB: Stock markets soar to new records, but will rally last?

CNN's Alison Kosik looks at the record highs of the S&P 500 and Dow average, and whether the growth will end.

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February 1st, 2013
09:10 AM ET

MYB: Markets post big gains for January

Christine Romans is minding your business. The Dow and S&P are "within spitting distance of record highs," Romans reports. She explains the reasons. "The Fed has been pumping money into the system, the job market is slowly healing, the housing market looks good."

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January 31st, 2013
07:12 AM ET

MYB: Bill Gates on immigration: High talent immigration has kind of been held hostage

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates talks immigration with Christine Romans. He says the U.S. is losing potential talent. "He specifically is interested in high-skilled tech workers being allowed to stay in this country," Romans reports. 

"The high talent immigration has kind of been held hostage," Gates tells her.

January 30th, 2013
07:46 AM ET

MYB: Dow could hit 14,000, S&P ' just shy of record highs'

The buzz is building on Wall Street as the Dow and S&P near all-time highs. Christine Romans is minding your business.

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January 29th, 2013
06:01 AM ET

MYB: Gun sales 'way up' after Sandy Hook shooting

Christine Romans is minding your business with the latest on gun sales. Gun sales are way up since the Sandy Hook shooting. "Background checks have been just skyrocketing," Romans reports.

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June 18th, 2012
06:01 AM ET

How markets could react to Greece – Christine Romans explains

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - A pro-bailout party in Greece won the most votes in Sunday's parliamentary election, which could ease any immediate concerns about the nation's future participation in the euro area.

But it remains to be seen if the party, New Democracy, can form a viable government supporting the bailout given the deep anti-austerity sentiment in Greece.

This morning on "Early Start," Christine Romans looks at how markets could react after Greek citizens voted in a pro-bailout party over the weekend.

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