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March 18th, 2013
06:54 AM ET

Arrests after dramatic helicopter prison break in Canada – Paula Newton reports


Even by dramatic jailbreak standards, this escape was particularly brazen.

Two men posing as tourists reportedly commandeered a helicopter from a Canadian tour company, ordered the pilot to fly over a detention center near Montreal, hoisted two inmates using cables or ropes into the hovering aircraft - and zipped away.

All in broad daylight. All in full view of incredulous witnesses.

But despite the movie-worthy getaway, the prisoners' freedom didn't last long. By early Monday morning, authorities arrested both inmates and two other people.

CNN's Paula Newton reports on this brazen prison break on "Early Start" this morning.

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March 14th, 2013
07:05 AM ET

Police searching for man suspected of killing four, injuring two in upstate New York – Deborah Feyerick reports


A man suspected of killing four people and injuring two others in a 10-minute shooting spree in Herkimer County, New York, is believed to be surrounded by police, authorities said Wednesday.

The upstate New York man also is believed to have blown up his house, according to a federal law enforcement source briefed on the investigation.

Policing searching for Kurt R. Myers, 64, surrounded an abandoned building, State Police Superintendent Joseph D'Amico and Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. Myers ditched his vehicle following shootings at a barber shop and an auto maintenance business, police said.

This morning on "Early Start," Deb Feyerick reports on the latest in the search.

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March 13th, 2013
08:26 AM ET

Motel standoff ends in Oregon for suspect in grandparents' death – Dan Simon reports


A standoff at a beachside Oregon motel ended Tuesday evening with the focus of the police's attention - the suspect in his grandparents' deaths over the weekend - being taken from his room and transported away in an ambulance.

Members of a "tactical team" entered the Lincoln City, Oregon, room of 26-year-old Michael Boysen around 7 p.m. (10 p.m. ET), emerging with no injuries, said city police Chief Keith Killian. The suspect had suffered apparently self-inflicted cuts, he added.

The image of him on a stretcher being placed in a waiting ambulance closed a day full of drama at the WestShore OceanFront Suites.

Boysen was taken into custody about an hour after authorities used water cannons to blast down part of the front door to the suspect's room, a move that showed authorities' intent to "just kind of step ... things up a little bit," according to Killian.

Dan Simon reports the latest on "Early Start" this morning.

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March 8th, 2013
07:15 AM ET

Georgia town wants guns in every household – Shannon Travis reports


A small Georgia town may soon require every household to own a firearm - a law that, if passed, would make it the second town in the state to mandate gun ownership.

City council members in Nelson, a town of 1,300 people north of Atlanta, unanimously approved the proposal at a meeting this week. Citizens now have a chance to review the proposal before the council takes it up again in April.

The law would give every family the right to protect themselves and their property "without worrying about prosecution for protecting themselves," Cronic told the meeting. He said the proposal was modeled on a similar law in nearby Kennesaw, Georgia, that has been on the books since 1982.

This morning on "Early Start," CNN's Shannon Travis reports on this controversial proposed law.

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March 8th, 2013
06:03 AM ET

Osama bin Laden's son-in-law expected in federal court today after capture – Susan Candiotti reports


Osama bin Laden's son-in-law is scheduled to be in a New York City courtroom Friday morning to face charges of trying to kill Americans.

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, who served as an al Qaeda spokesman, was captured and taken to the United States, federal officials announced Thursday.

Abu Ghaith was captured within the past week in Jordan, according to a spokesman for U.S. Rep. Peter King of New York. He was charged in a federal indictment with conspiracy to kill U.S. nationals, the Department of Justice announced.

This morning on "Early Start," CNN's Susan Candiotti previews today's arraignment in federal court in New York.

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December 10th, 2012
07:34 AM ET

Boston Globe reports shocking holes in U.S. immigration system; reporter Maria Sacchetti broke the story about 'secrecy' of system

A new investigative report in the Boston Globe reveals shocking holes in the U.S. immigration system. According to the series, the U.S. government is quietly releasing thousands of dangerous illegal immigrants, including murderers and rapists, back onto American streets, because their home countries won't take them back. All this while detaining harmless and often sick immigrants for months at a time. Maria Sacchetti is the reporter for the Boston Globe who broke this story. She joins “Early Start” live from Boston this morning.

The names of the immigrant offenders are classified. The immigration system has “always said that they believe this is a private matter, that they need to protect the immigrant’s privacy,” Sacchetti reports, “so they won’t release the criminals’ names.”

Sacchetti says the Globe's report thus focuses on the secrecy of the immigration system. "Immigration has become the largest law enforcement system in the country. And very much unlike the police or the FBI, they operate largely in secret. So their arrests are secret. Their detentions are secret."

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May 14th, 2012
09:41 AM ET

Major manhunt underway to find FBI agent Stephen Ivens – Alina Cho explains

Alina Cho gives the latest on missing FBI agent Stephen Ivens who was last seen Thursday night by his wife. 100 FBI agents and dozens more law enforcement officers have been on a manhunt to find Ivens who is said to be despondent and possibly suicidal.

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March 29th, 2012
03:05 PM ET

Zimmerman trying to create cover up? Retired police officer Lou Palumbo gives his take on the Trayvon Martin shooting

Retired police officer Lou Palumbo responds to an interview with George Zimmerman's father on the Trayvon Martin case. He also responds to surveillance tape of George Zimmerman after the Trayvon Martin shooting.

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