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August 28th, 2012
09:28 AM ET

Alabama Emergency Management director Art Faulkner on Isaac preps, says 'safety of Alabama citizens on our coast of utmost importance'

On Wednesday, it will have been seven years since hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, killing thousands and causing billions in damage. Now, Alabama is once again bracing for a hit from tropical storm Isaac.

The state is taking precautions for the strengthening tropical storm Isaac, which officials say could become a hurricane. A hurricane warning has been issued and Director of Alabama Emergency Management Agency Art Faulkner is preparing residents for the storm.

Faulkner joins CNN’s Zoraida Sambolin by Skype on "Early Start" this morning to explain the state's prep plans.

"We've been preparing for this since last week and throughout the weekend. We've monitored the situation," Faulkner says. "The governor has made decisions well in advance of the storm to be able to put the safety of the citizens on our coast at the utmost importance and make sure that we can get them to safety in the event that the storm strengthens and impacts and braces down on the coast of Alabama."

Faulkner adds, "we take every storm serious, and we always try to prepare for any type of disaster. The state of Alabama, certainly, is no stranger to that, even though we've not faced a hurricane. Last spring, we essentially had a hurricane get the northern two-thirds of the state of Alabama. And I think that you saw the first responders and the local elected officials and others and our governor be able to be proactive, get out there, and take care of our citizens. In this situation, we're trying to do that before the storm, because we certainly don't want to face the death that we faced out of the immediate threat of tornadoes in the state last year."

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