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March 29th, 2013
06:09 AM ET

7,000 warned of potential HIV, hepatitis exposure – Ed Lavandera reports


(CNN) - About 7,000 patients of a Tulsa, Oklahoma, dental practice were being notified they could have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis over the past six years, health authorities said Thursday.

Dentist W. Scott Harrington voluntarily stopped practicing when the joint investigation by the Tulsa Health Department and the Oklahoma State Department of Health began, the Tulsa agency said in a statement. "The dentist is cooperating with investigators through his attorney," the department said.

According to the State Board of Dentistry, the investigation into Harrington's practice found "numerous violations of health and safety laws and major violations of the State Dental Act," the health department said.

This morning, CNN's Ed Lavandera reports on the latest in the investigation on "Early Start."

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March 4th, 2013
07:03 AM ET

Baby in Mississippi unexpectedly 'cured' of HIV – Elizabeth Cohen reports

Doctors say they've cured a two-year-old in Mississippi of HIV, Cohen reports.

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May 9th, 2012
10:16 AM ET

FDA to discuss HIV drug for prevention – Elizabeth Cohen explains

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen looks at a drug to be reviewed by the FDA for use in preventing HIV infection.

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May 9th, 2012
10:14 AM ET

The politics of same sex marriage

This morning, protesters in North Carolina are saying "our fight for fairness is not over."

This comes after North Carolina voters passed a strict amendment to their constitution that eliminates same sex marriages. Amendment One also bans civil unions and domestic partnerships for both gay and straight couples in the state. Gay marriages were already illegal in the state.

As the general election gears up towards November, many Democrats calling on President Obama to speak out in support of gay marriage. So far, the President has been ambiguous.

On "Early Start" this morning, CNN political contributor Roland Martin talks about the political wrangling around same sex marriage.

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