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December 13th, 2012
05:59 AM ET

MYB: Economic bars set by the Federal Reserve

U.S. stock futures are down slightly this morning after closing mixed yesterday. The big announcement from the Federal Reserve is driving the markets right now. Christine Romans is minding your business this morning with the latest.

Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, set very clear bars yesterday about "what the Fed is doing and what it will do” regarding stimulus measures and more. “They say they’re gonna keep helping the economy until the national jobless rate falls to 6.5%,” Romans reports. “And they’re setting an inflation limit of 2.5%.” Setting these explicit bars is “new territory for the Fed,” she adds.

Romans also reports Bernanke warning, however, “that all of these Herculean measures from the Fed would not be enough to undo the fiscal cliff.”

June 20th, 2012
07:59 AM ET

All eyes on Bernanke news conference – Christine Romans explains what Fed can do to shore up the economy

Everyone's waiting on the Fed this morning. Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke will hold a news conference this afternoon at 2:15pm ET in Washington. What is Wall Street hoping to hear to stabilize and stimulate the economy? Christine Romans explains what is in the Fed's tool box that could be discussed.

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