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July 12th, 2013
06:43 AM ET

DNA evidence points to long-suspected Boston strangler

It was a crime unsolved for decades. Authorities long thought they knew who killed nearly a dozen women in the Boston area in the early 1960s, but they were never sure.

Almost a half century later, CNN’s Susan Candiotti reports, DNA is providing some answers.

“Albert Desalvo confessed to being the notorious Boston strangler, but police never proved it,” Candiotti says.

Of the 11 women the Boston strangler had raped and strangled between 1963 and 64 year, 19-year-old Mary Sullivan is believed to be the Boston strangler's final victim.

“Thanks to new technology, authorities say, they've matched DNA from one of the strangler's relatives to DNA preserved 49 years ago from the crime scene and victim Mary Sullivan,” Candiotti says.

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