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February 28th, 2014
05:58 AM ET

Obama and Biden Show Us Their Moves

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are running again. But this time, not for office.

Demanding jobs aside, the two jogged around the White House in their ties to highlight the need to keep in shape.

"Mr. President, are you ready to move," Biden asked as he entered the Oval Office.

"Absolutely, let's do this thing. Let's move," Obama responded.

The two taped the video as part of first lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move initiative, which aims to reduce childhood obesity.

The video shows the pair running a lap through the hallways of the White House and outside by the rose garden.

At one point, the first family's Portuguese water dogs, Bo and Sunny, watched the two leaders run by.

To celebrate the fourth anniversary of the Let's Move initiative, the first lady asked Americans nationwide to use social media to show how they move.

While making an appearance on Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show" last week, she said if the turnout was large, she had something fun planned.

"If we get enough response we'll have a little surprise. The President and maybe the Vice President will show us how they move," Obama said.

While exercising in a shirt and tie may not be ideal, the President and Vice President did stretch at the end of their lap and drink some water, another part of the Let's Move program.

"After a good workout, you got to drink up," President Obama said in the video.

"Otherwise we are going to be in trouble with Jill and Michelle," Obama added.

Well, home crisis averted.

February 28th, 2014
05:55 AM ET

Former Super Bowl Champ Darren Sharper Turns Himself In

New Orleans police have issued arrest warrants for former NFL star Darren Sharper and another man in connection with the alleged rapes of two women.

Sharper, 38, and Erik Nunez, 26, each face two counts of aggravated rape, the Orleans Parish district attorney's office said in a statement.

Sharper and Nunez face the possibility of life without parole if convicted.

CNN reached out to an attorney for Sharper and to Nunez, but neither immediately returned messages seeking comment.

Sharper has also been charged in California with two counts of rape by use of drugs and other charges, according to Los Angeles County prosecutors.

He pleaded not guilty last week.

"Mr. Sharper must stay in Los Angeles County," a judge said at a bail hearing.

Judge Renee Korn set Sharper's bail at $1 million and ordered him to stay away from venues that sold alcohol as a primary item.

Prosecutors in Louisiana said the two alleged rapes occurred on September 23 in a New Orleans apartment.

The alleged rapes in California occurred in October and last month, authorities said.

Prosecutors there said the five-time Pro Bowl player, who became an NFL Network analyst, is also under investigation in Arizona and Nevada.

Tempe, Arizona, police say they expect to file charges against Sharper soon.

"We have nothing yet. We anticipate filing charges very shortly and we are still waiting on a couple of results from the crime lab," said Sgt. Mike Pooley.

In addition, a Florida woman last month filed a sexual battery complaint in Miami Beach against Sharper relating to a 2012 incident, a police report said.

According to the report, the woman was with two friends at a Miami Beach club in September or October 2012 when she met Sharper. The woman, her friends and another person went to Sharper's condo, where the woman claims the battery took place.

Miami Beach police are investigating the case, Miami Beach Detective Vivian Hernandez said last week.

One of Sharper's lawyers disputed all the rape allegations last week at his hearing.

"It was all consensual contact with women who wanted to be in his company," Leonard Levine said.

Sharper played for the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints from 1997 through the 2010 season.

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February 27th, 2014
05:21 AM ET

Smoke Smelled in Plane at Oakland, California

The smell of smoke was reported in a plane that landed at California's Oakland International Airport late Wednesday, officials said.

SkyWest Flight 4454 arrived from Los Angeles International Airport on time, landed and taxied to the gate normally. There were 75 passengers and 4 crew members on board the CRJ 900 aircraft at the time.

The reported smell of smoke was noticed shortly after landing, said Delta Air Lines spokesman Russell Cason. SkyWest is a Delta subsidiary.

There were no injuries or damage reported, and passengers disembarked at the gate, airport spokesman Scott Witner said.

Authorities could not find the source of the smoke, and fire officials have left the scene, he said.

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February 26th, 2014
06:46 AM ET

Oklahoma Father Dies in Police Encounter After Mother Slaps Daughter

It was supposed to be a fun family outing to the movies, but then Nair Rodriguez' 19-year-old daughter got under her skin. They fought, she said, and she slapped her daughter.

Moments later, police arrived on a domestic dispute call at the Moore, Oklahoma, theater and confronted - not Nair Rodriguez - but her husband Luis. They took him down, and after the encounter on February 15, he was dead.

Cell phone video taken by his wife and released this week shows the final minutes of the takedown.

Nair Rodriguez accuses officers of brutality. Police say they were following protocol and used no undue force.

Argument, upset

The mother-daughter spat upset the mother so badly that she bolted for the family car. Her husband Luis followed her to calm her down, family attorney Michael Brooks-Jimenez told reporters.

That's when a group of police and theater security officers turned up, he said.

What happened next is disputed.

His wife has said officers beat Luis Rodriguez, CNN affiliate KFOR reported. But Moore Police Chief Jerry Stillings calls the actions of his officers "reasonable."

He would not go in to much detail and said an investigation is underway. But he mentioned that police used pepper spray, CNN affiliate KOCO reported.

Luis Rodriguez ended up on the ground with five men pinning him down, and wife Nair pulled out a cell phone.

Her fearful cries fill the recording.

"Luis! Luis!" she calls out frantically. Her husband does not respond, does not appear to move.

She calls to the officers to assure her that he is alright.

"Please somebody tell me that he is alive," she implores. "He is not moving."

The officers appear calm. One tells her that he will talk to her, once they are finished securing her husband.

Then one walks over to the camera. He tells her that police have called in a medical unit to check on her husband.

It wasn't him

The officer says police received a call about domestic violence before confronting her husband.

It wasn't him, Nair Rodriguez tells him. "I hit my daughter," she says. She wants to know why they have pinned down her husband.

"He refused to give his ID," the officer said. "He got combative."

She notices blood on the officer. "Is he bleeding?" She demands to know.

"I'm bleeding; that's me," the officer says.

An ambulance can be seen in the background, and Luis Rodriguez is lifted onto a stretcher.

The video ends shortly afterward.

Cause of death

An autopsy may reveal more about why Luis Rodriguez died, and surveillance camera footage of the encounter in the movie theater parking lot may reveal what happened before his wife pulled out her cell phone camera.

What police describe as normal procedure, lawyer Brooks-Jimenez describes it as something brutal and possibly deadly.

Pepper spray to the face and the weight of five men on top of him.

CNN has reached out to Brooks-Jimenez for further comment and has placed calls to the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation.

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February 25th, 2014
06:23 AM ET

Biden Jokes About 2016 Announcement

Had it not been the debut night for Seth Myers as the new host of NBC’s “Late Night,” Vice President Joe Biden may have revealed his plans for 2016.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum asked the Vice President if he would share his thoughts on a potential presidential run in 2016.

“I was planning on making a major announcement tonight, but I decided tonight’s your night,” Biden joked. “So I hope you’ll invite me back.”

The Vice President wasn’t ready to make any announcement but Myer’s other first-night guest was quick to respond.

“I’m going to run for president,” said former “SNL” co-star Amy Poehler.

It wasn’t the first time Poehler and Biden have appeared together in front of cameras. Vice President Biden made a cameo on Poehler’s NBC small-town government sitcom “Parks and Recreation” in 2012.

Biden did share some details about the much discussed moment from this year’s State of the Union Address, when he was seen emphatically pointing to an unnamed individual on the House Floor.

“A senior senator said, ‘Look Joe I know you and Barack are friends but don’t stand up on every damn thing he says,’” said the Vice President. “I counted 17 times this particular senator stood up in front of the president. So I went like this to point to him. Talk about a suck up.”

The late night talk shown scene isn’t unfamiliar territory for Biden with this being his third appearance.

He appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno in 2010 and read the Top 10 List on “The Late Show” with David Letterman in 2012.

Biden has not forgotten about daytime television either.

Tuesday he will tape an appearance on “The View.” It will be his fourth time visiting the daytime talk show.

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February 24th, 2014
12:19 PM ET

Up to Speed: Uncertainty Reigns in a Divided Ukraine

The turmoil in Ukraine has swept aside its president, brought about the release a prominent opposition leader and raised fears the country could break apart.

After the bloodshed in the streets of Kiev last week - the deadliest violence Ukraine has suffered since its independence 22 years ago - the political twists and turns came thick and fast over the weekend.

As a new week begins, uncertainty has taken a hold in the divided nation as Ukraine tries to reshape its political landscape.

An arrest warrant has been issued for ousted President Viktor Yanukovych over the killings of civilians, a government official said Monday. But officials don't know where he is.

Click here for what you need to know to get caught up.

February 21st, 2014
06:04 AM ET

Olympics Impacted by Ukraine Violence

The violence in Ukraine is resonating all the way to Sochi –  just a few hundred miles away – where some Ukrainian athletes have pulled out of the Olympic competition.


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February 20th, 2014
10:52 AM ET

Jack Lew on Minimum Wage, Immigration and Bitcoin

By Gregory Wallace

Jack Lew sees good signs for the economy both on Capital Hill and Main Street.

And his message to the rest of the world: there's work to be done.

The Treasury Secretary said he is encouraged by Congress, which in recent months agreed on a budget,spending bill and debt limit measure.

"Maybe - just maybe," Lew said, "we'll be able, for a couple of years, to keep doing business that way."

By handling these matters, Washington is sending a worldwide message, one Lew says he'll bring to a gathering of global financial leaders this week in Australia.

Lew spoke in an interview with CNN Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans as he prepared for that G20 meeting. Here are five highlights from that interview:

1. Thanks, Washington: Last year's government shutdown and the brinkmanship before it took a toll on the economy. But what matters is that Washington is getting its act together.

"The last four months have been very different from the prior two years," he said.

And it's showing.

"You look at the economic growth over the last six months - (there's a) decided arc of progress," he said, specifically citing "sustained job growth."

But Lew acknowledged room for growth. The numbers support that: hiring in December and January was weak and far below expectations.


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February 19th, 2014
09:44 AM ET

After 25 Die, Protesters Prepare to Stand Their Ground in Ukraine

They've given up their ground before - voluntarily, as a political concession. But that seems to be over.

After the deaths of 25 people in clashes a day earlier, Ukrainian protesters are prepared to stand and fight again Wednesday.

Police want to clear them out of central Kiev. Some of them died trying to stay put Tuesday - using projectiles and burning barricades to keep security forces at bay at Kiev's Maidan, or Independence Square.

It was the deadliest day in the months-long standoff between the government and opposition leaders.

Thousands of demonstrators have packed Independence Square since November, when President Viktor Yanukovych reversed a decision to sign a trade deal with the European Union and instead turned toward Russia.

The unrest intensified after an anti-protest law went into effect. Throngs of demonstrators took to the streets to protest the law.

Police and protesters were among Tuesday's dead. A journalist and a government employee died, too.

More than 240 others were hospitalized, Ukraine's health ministry said.

Overnight, demonstrators stocked up, passing stones hand to hand, filling Molotov cocktails and stoking flaming barricades with wood and tires.

They prepared a makeshift compressed-air cannon to catapult the projectiles into police ranks.

Hundreds of others came out to give moral support to those holding the square and to add their numbers to the throng wanting to keep the opposition movement alive.

Corporate lawyer and iReporter Volodymyr Solohub was one of them. Whenever police threaten to clear the Maidan he goes there.

Tuesday, he watched as protesters rushed injured people from the front lines to medics.

"Some of them had broken hands, and blood was flowing down their faces," he said Wednesday.

Barrages of stun grenades shattered the air around him through the night.

"When it goes off, the whole area vibrates," he said. But the barricades held, and it made him happy.

When the sun rose Wednesday, smoke was still rising from them into the sky.

February 18th, 2014
08:00 AM ET

Scary Bus Crash Caught on Tape

Newly-released video shows a frightening bus crash in Boise, Idaho.

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