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June 15th, 2012
07:59 AM ET

Companies claim trouble finding workers – Christine Romans on the job fields hurting the most for skilled employees

Christine Romans on a recent Manpower survey listing jobs with most worker shortages due to lack of skilled workers.

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  1. Luke


    I have recently graduated from a four year University with a great deal of work experience, ten years in fact. I have suspected what you have stated was going on ever since I began receiving rejection letters from positions that I was obviously qualified for. Other positions that I have seen post such unrealistic requirements that I am reluctant to apply to the positions even though the described work is so simple an uneducated person could easily complete the tasks. I had heard of these employers not being able to fill positions because of unqualified workers and I thought that with my upcoming graduation and track record of good work experience and track record it would not be an issue for me, this has proven to be a false guess on my part. It seems to me that a little on the site training is the best thing for a new employee. No person can jump into a position and know exactly how to do things, there is guidance necessary at all times and if not given then money is wasted by letting someone do a job that hasn't been explained to them. Sadly I come back to the old thought that "you need experience in this job to get this job". But that is a vicious impossible circle that can never be realized because of its inherent ridiculousness. Your outsourced labor hypothesis may have some merit, I have to wonder if there isn't also some political motivation. I am depressed and perplexed by the situation and disappointed in Human Nature (as usual) for its inability to deal with a simple situation due to selfishness.

    June 24, 2012 at 2:39 am | Reply
  2. Akbar Sedan

    Hello There,

    Your report states "Companies claim trouble finding workers" and "Top 5 worker shortages include ENGINEERS"
    Your early show then stated companies therefore are looking to China and other countries to outsource.

    I can tell you that SEVERAL of those companies (not all) ARE FALSIFYING in order to create a false sense of worker shortages because they want access to cheaper labor. This has been going on for over 1 year and from your morning show it appears this is common throughout the USA. BTW only one major network caught onto this a little because they discussed claimed worker shortages then interviewed people who say they can't find a job.

    Engineers have noticed months ago that "many posted positions are fake," "my firm is doing endless interview
    processes but not hiring even when finding qualified candidates". Companies are PURPOSELY advertising jobs for 4-6 months then stating
    "After all of that we decided to use our same old consultant" or "..sorry the position was closed" and "Yes we are interested.. wait we have many candidates... wait we have our own internal candidate.. our own internal worker took that job.." or "hmmm, yes that candidate was qualified but our needs have just changed" ( they did this for 7+ months). or after finding a good match, they quickly re-posted and redefined the job description and tell people they've been looking for some time but can't find anybody.

    Many engineers are desparate to leave their lousy work environment but half of the job leads out there are FAKE and those same employers posting ads state they CAN'T FIND SKILLED WORKERS. That way, they can lobby for cheaper outsourced labor.

    June 16, 2012 at 2:49 am | Reply

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