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May 3rd, 2012
08:26 AM ET

#trending: Sharks with 'frickin lasers'

A marine biologist and shark handler Luke Tipple has found a way to attach a low-level green laser to a lemon shark.

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  1. John T

    Because the world likes to pay people to perform pointless tasks.

    May 7, 2012 at 4:30 pm | Reply
    • Poutriey

      Lol your challenge is a riot, Vertigo. I don't even make $500 a week take home right now unsels I put in overtime or get a nice commission. Unemployment insurance is not anywhere on my paycheck stub, and my stub is itemized quite diligently. There is a witholding for Federal income tax, state income tax, Social Security tax, Medicare tax, my 401k, health insurance, and dental insurance. Unemployment insurance is nowhere to be found, and you want to know why? Because I don't pay it. My employer does.It's clear you have no clue what you are talking about here, Vertigo especially if you are calling me a neo-con. My argument is that, just like social security tax, unemployment insurance is simply another regressive tax that puts the burden of taxation on those who can ill afford to pay it. It's another way our government subsidizes the rich while screwing the poor. I have no idea how you get your argument out of what I have stated here.

      June 22, 2012 at 2:04 am | Reply
    • Ganesh

      John, I'm not in a position to precdit the outcome of the Democrat's race. I know how odd it sounds most of the time when Democrats voice opinions about the Republican race, and I want to avoid sounding that way. You're one of the few people who can make precditions about either race without sounding out of touch. You may well be right, I'd just say that you're making a bold precdition and as far as precditions go, bolder is better.I think that Romney is in a position to be a serious leader if he can rise to the occasion over the next few years. I think that if Hillary loses, she's doesn't have much of a future in presidential politics in the next 8 year. I'm guessing that the sentiment will be that she's had her turn even if she doesn't get the nomination. That doesn't rule out a comeback in a different cycle, but I think if she loses this nomination battle, it's a serious uphill battle for her to pull it off in the short term. (I say that realizing that 4 years is beyond eternity in political timelines .)Guy, that's the Oliver North I'm talking about! Though it's worth noting what he was convicted for. Specifically, he was convicted of lying to Congress (i.e., perjury) for preparing an inaccurate timeline that was never actually presented to Congress. That's why the conviction was vacated by a higher court. Interestingly, even the ACLU came to Oliver North's defense on this one.

      July 27, 2012 at 5:38 pm | Reply
  2. #1

    Thats why you will never be #2 Mac

    May 7, 2012 at 9:50 am | Reply
  3. Troyzkoi

    To go after the surfers who molest the sea turtles in Hawaii!!!

    May 5, 2012 at 3:05 pm | Reply
    • Ievan

      His performance as President of the USA is prwtesaorihy.He has inspired the World Leaders to create atmosphere for long wanted Peace.But recently his demand for billions of Dollars for finishing war in Afghanistan and Iraq continue to disturb the Asians @ Mid eastern Countries.Since he has been awarded the most prestigious Noble Peace Prize He should work more on dialogues and not much on confontation.The entire world is watching his activities eagerly.People expect from him global peace .His domestic programmes have been so far brought hope and for the people of his Country.It is hoped that he will remain as active as he was in his first year in office.He will work for downtrodden people of the world wherever they are from.Let him be active as ever.

      June 20, 2012 at 12:35 am | Reply
  4. Mac


    May 3, 2012 at 11:26 am | Reply

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